nbkc bank offers one of the most competitive bank rates on the market. Come here to see their current savings, checking, CD, IRA, and/or money market rates. Also, get the latest scoop on their promotions, offers, bonuses, deals, and sign-up rewards.

While their rates are very competitive, be sure to check how they stack up with banks or credit unions that are available online and nationwide such as Chase, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and others. Nationwide banks are convenient and have wider availability but certainly, local banks or credit unions that are only available in certain states or regions have their own advantages such as a focus on the local community, attractive rates, superior customer service, and more.

10700 Nall Ave
Overland Park, KS 66211

Find the latest deals from Top Bank Promotions here. You will find the best bank bonuses from these major nationwide banks:

  • HSBC Bank (currently offering multiple offers such as an up to $600 checking bonus)
  • Bank of America (now offering $100 for a new checking deal)

  • Chase (offering many nice deals such as up to $400 for a business and $225 for a personal checking account)
  • Citibank (earn up to $2,000 for a new savings account, $700 for a personal checking, and up to $2,000 for a business checking account)

nbkc bank PROMOTIONS

Come here to find their latest offers, promotions, bonuses, and deals.

  • No other promotions found at this time from this bank but if you’re looking for banks/credit unions offering cash promotions, there are options. Check out these that currently are offering residents of Kansas cash bonus deals:
Arvest Bank
Commerce Bank
Community Banks of Colorado
Credit Union of America
Emprise Bank
Exchange Bank
First National 1870
Simmons Bank
TBK Bank
UMB Bank

Our Bottom Line

Their current bank rates are good compared to what is available on the market. While no current cash promotions or bonuses are available, you can find a list of all bank and credit union that offer promotions here.

Find our Top Bank Promotions here. We recommend offers from nationwide banks such as Chase Bank ($400 business & $225 personal checking bonus), HSBC Bank (up to $600 checking offer), Bank of America ($100 checking deal), and Citibank (up to $2,000 savings & up to $2,000 business checking bonuses).


Citibank Up To $2,000 Savings/Up To $2,000 Business Checking Webull Up To $2300 Free Stock
HSBC Bank Up To $600 Premier Checking/$500 Business Checking Chime Mobile Bank $100 Welcome Bonus
Chase $400 Business Checking/$225 Personal Checking DoorDash $30 Welcome Bonus
Axos Business Checking $100 Personal & Business Checkings MyConstant $4,000 Trial Balance
Aspirations $150/$200 Checking Rakuten $30 Referral Bonus
Huntington Bank Up To $1000 Business/Up To $300 Checking Celsius Network $50 SIgn-Up Offer
U.S. Bank $400 Checking SoFi Money Welcome & Referral Deals

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