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SoFi Money App Features

SoFi Money is an online cash management account offered by Social Finance (“SoFi”). While SoFi is not a bank in itself, it offers its cash accounts in conjunction with partner banks to give customers an FDIC insurance bank account. SoFi’s account has an above-average interest rate and no monthly or overdraft fees. There’s no free ATM network, but SoFi reimburses many third-party ATM fees and doesn’t charge its own.

When you sign up, you get a hybrid checking and savings account with no monthly service and no opening minimum balance with the following features:

  • No monthly or maintenance fees: SoFi does not charge monthly fees, minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, and returned items fees. 
  • Free ATM access: SoFi use to reimburse ATM fees but no longer do so. If you like debit cards with ATM fee reimbursement, consider the a Charles Schwab Bank account. However, you will still enjoy free ATM access through the Allpoint ATM network, which currently gives cardholders access to more than 55,000 free ATM machines.
  • High APY: You’ll earn interest on your SoFi Money balance higher than market rates.
  • No foreign transaction fees: Many banks charge up to a 3% conversion free. SoFi Money does not charge such fees.
  • Peer to peer payments: SoFi Money allows users to send funds to other SoFi customers via peer to peer (P2P) payments for free.
  • Overdraft Coverage: It’s nice to know that SoFi will allow you to overdraft by as much as $50 without inucrring any fees. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen but if it does, you will be covered.
  • Bill pay and check ordering: They offer complimentary checkbook and ability to pay bills via the app. You can send direct payments or have set it up to have a paper check sent to your payees.


SoFi $25 Sign-Up Bonus With No Direct Deposit Required And Only $10 Minimum Balance

Get a $25 welcome bonus when you sign up for SoFi Money® and fund the account with $10 or more with our referral link (thanks in advance!). —plus, you can get cash back rewards when you spend on a debit card with no account fees. You

Money Referral Program

Money Referral Program

For up-to-date information, click here.

  • The terms below and those set forth in Part II govern your participation in the SoFi Securities LLC (“SoFi Securities”) Money Referral Program (the “Money Referral Program”). The Money Referral Program is open to all current SoFi Money account holders who meet the criteria below, and who wish to refer someone to open a SoFi Money account. A referrer must be a SoFi Money customer with a Money account which is in good standing (i.e. not suspended) (an “Eligible Money Referrer(s)”).
  • The Eligible Money Referrers are encouraged to refer their contacts and people in their networks whom they believe may be interested in opening a SoFi Money account (the “Eligible Money Recipient(s)”).SoFi Securities reserves the right to disqualify anyone from participation in the Money Referral Program at any time. Anyone who violates these terms and conditions is ineligible for payment of any bonus.
  • To receive credit for a referral made under the Money Referral Program, an Eligible Money Referrer must access their own unique referral link and send it to the Eligible Money Recipient(s), whom they wish to refer to open a new SoFi Money account (a “New Money Account”). The Eligible Money Recipient must use the Eligible Money Referrer’s unique referral link to open the New Money Account within 14 days after receipt of the Eligible Invest Referrer’s unique referral link, and meet the terms and conditions of the specific promotional campaign associated with the unique referral link that was used for the referral.
  • For each Eligible Money Recipient who opens and funds a New Money Account within 14 days after receipt of the Eligible Money Referrer’s unique referral link, and meets the terms and conditions of the specific promotional campaign associated with the unique referral link that was used for the referral, SoFi Securities or its designee will: (a) credit the Money account of the Eligible Money Referrer, with a one-time referral bonus in the amount specified in the promotional campaign associated with the unique referral link that was used for the referral (the “Money Referral Bonus”); and (b) credit the New Money Account of the Eligible Money Recipient, with a one-time welcome bonus in the amount specified in the promotional campaign associated with the unique referral link that was used for the referral (the “Money Welcome Bonus”). Only one Money Referral Bonus and one Money Welcome Bonus will be awarded for each referred Eligible Money Recipient, regardless of whether the Eligible Money Recipient opens and funds multiple accounts. An Eligible Money Referrer will not earn a Money Referral Bonus if the Eligible Money Recipient has or had an existing funded SoFi Money account, or does not use the unique referral link provided by the Eligible Money Referrer.
  • If the Eligible Money Recipient already has a Money account, is on our opt-out list or the national email opt-out list, or has already received and used another Eligible Money Referrer’s unique referral link, SoFi Securities will not send an email to the Eligible Money Recipient. We cannot disclose to you any information about New Money Account opened by any Eligible Money Recipient you refer to us. Participation in the Money Referral Program serves as a one-time, limited waiver of privacy rights by both you and the Eligible Money Recipient, pursuant to which each may become aware that the other has an account relationship with SoFi Securities.

SoFi Referrals Offer: $25 Each

For every friend you successfully refer, SoFi Money will give you and your referral bonus cash each. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. If you don’t already have an account, sign-up with our referral link from above.

How to Earn The Offer
  • Log into your SoFi Money account to get your unique referral link.
  • Share your referral link to everyone you know.
  • Earn a cash bonus when one of your referral signs up with a $10 minimum balance.

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